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Musiclover's View from the 13th Floor

Eric (Pingouin!...)
13 September 1969
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User Bio that was here has been put in storage. (To whom it may concern: my contact info is in a friends-only memory entry, category name Contact Info, the first listed.)
To summarize the removed just a bit: musiclover employed at a few part-time jobs, diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, there's some more information in my journal memories and under the proper tag. Discursive in speech and left-progressive in politics.

My own lemming-list:

Messenger-thing: I generally use Yahoo or GTalk, but am rarely on any of them; e-mail is really the way to go at a sort of February 2011-ish point in time.

If you do want to add me, go right ahead. And if I have added you and you'd really rather I hadn't done that, just tell me.

A couple of further thises, that's, other things.

If I'm having trouble expressing myself (to be kind.), ask a question, I'll try harder and hopefully learn a lesson for next time...

Member of the Gryphon's Guild (note- have now found out the not-so-new URL- thanks! :) ), and happy to count himself among siblings-in-spirit of Ru (purpledice), Kesrael and Battie.

If my name is unfamiliar and I've decided to add you for some reason, please ask do. I chose this username– the same, more or less, as that of a temporary AD&D character of mine who had a foolish death – on this site for reasons that have become obsolete but have become attached to it and am not going to acquire a rename token. I do more recently just use screen-names that are closer to my own name.

One further note- my posts are either public, private or on various different filters. Almost all are on a particular filter which I no longer label (redundant...), almost none can be viewed by everyone on my Friends list, and it is unwise to assume any two can be viewed by the same people.
Colone Patchwork is Love
[at least in some alternate universe where snark and love are synonymous]

Created by quoting_mungo and used with permission


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(Note - apparently does show I'm online when I'm not, so check the symbol next to my screen name to make sure.)
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