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My iPod went out of commission - not even restore-able - but a trip to an Apple Store in NY City this Monday, and a return trip by my father later in the week, determined what the problem was, got a new iPod, and this (and a new case- the magnetic snaps of the older case were probably the main problem, Whoops!!! that I should have noticed... eep.) -- will be shipped up to me soon. :)

-very cheery, much prefers to do things with several weeks' worth of music available-to-hand


Oh, and not least

Happy, Happy Birthday to the SnowGryph!!


Happy Birthday, liran_skyy!

Hope you've had a great day :) !


Just re-read a November 24 2004 post

And all I can think of is "well, at least I know what piece that came from."

(the "who-knows" one that I remember running through my mind, noted down, could not identify- until I heard it on a recording. It's one of the variations in the finale of the 7th symphony, premiered by the New York Philharmonic, of British composer Sir Arnold Bax (1883-1953).)

... Norman Mailer died?

... argh. (Edit: and that's all I'm saying...)


I hoped it was just a problem on FINK's end, or something like that. I just tried again, with no changes, and LilyPond 2.10.25 (www.lilypond.org) is now installed on my computer. Still need to test it, and to learn it- the last version I had that installed and that I was sort of proficient with was 2.0.1 - but I'm looking forward to this.

(I did upgrade to 2.6.3 first, when that was the most recent version- 2.10.25 only became available when I upgraded Fink, and even then at first it wouldn't install- a bit of a story. But 2.6.3 created segmentation faults when I ran it, and convert-ly from 2.0.1 to 2.6.3 - a program that upgrades Lilypond documents written for earlier versions so they'll work with the newer ones, did very little when I ran it on files I'd created for 2.0.1, too. So goes...)


Since SETI@Home's new software, like so much else, required OSX version 10.4, I couldn't make use of it until I had my new computer set up- so I installed it today, and my computer's a bit faster than my old one- but still... 67% done in 26 minutes...

er... right. (Explanatory edit: it used to take much of a day, then maybe a third of a day- I think? will have to check- on a more recent and quicker machine- but... !)

(Meanwhile, trying to update LilyPond to 2.10 but there seem to be Pango dependency problems. I'm not sure whether to Ping Gnome or Fink about a Pango problem like that, but ... it's probably a temporary thing while people update the version of the software on the Fink servers/repositories and try to work out Fink kinks.)

Happy October!

(Missed the Ithaca Booksale this weekend but might catch a bit of it tomorrow...)

(Edit: the Sah splitters are all disabled and have been since I tried to connect, so what is "BOINC Manager" working on, exactly... something for fun? Possibly.)
Music, tea and deep breaths make a lot of things better...

Happy happy Birthday

to kvschwartz college friend of genius and sterling qualities, who it has been very much my pleasure to be reacquainted with

because of this journal,
during the years I've had this journal-
and especially in the last couple of years or so :)... have a great one!

Icon chosen not because

of any tension or anxiety but because I do (with Ki's most welcome permission) use it elsewhere (where it has been receiving deserved kudos), and I wonder if the person who left a comment this morn hailed from there- if they see this post now and are willing to clarify with further comment, anyways :)


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