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Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

What is your must-see holiday movie? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

Ok, I will answer this one. I vote for The Family Stone (2005 movie).

ver' belatedly

while resting on a happily warm day after a good pair of shifts of work,
notices that someone stopped by his LJ who isn't on his friendslist (no, not referring to one of the spam commenters) and waves as belatedly to, if they drop by again... cheers!

working on a huge typesetting project using Lilypond.org version 2.13.60, to convert a 60-page manuscript string quartet downloaded from an Italian website (composed in 1856), to something - more readable. having fun with that... this seems a pretty good piece.

Right now... (very occasional public post)

watching Keith Olbermann's Countdown on MSNBC. And hi :)


While it feels inappropriate that I make this a general broadcast...
to my friends who are in the area of effect of the latest storms (Louisiana comes to mind)
all luck, all best wishes your way, for now and rebuilding later.


VLC (music stuff)

Downloaded VideoLan music player (see www.videolan.org) again- had forgotten to in September when I got this new computer. Given the number of websites, including radio stations, that use filetypes (e.g. Winamp) that I can't use- there doesn't seem to be a Winamp for Macintosh OS X, Intel variant :) (hee! -- the Macintosh with the Microsoft/Intel processor can't use the Microsoft music player) - this may be able to play Winamp music files, though- and iTunes files, WMP files, etc. Not RealAudio, but that's one reason one keeps a few programs on the same computer if one has room.

(Another site I recommend to such as might be interested, though I think I have already - http://www.radiowavetuner.com .)

Google books...

has some neat things for someone of my odd frame of mind.
A complete scan of a 1905 score of Max Reger's sinfonietta for orchestra?

Sure, I'll download that. Thanks.


Haven't wanted to say anything (here) about Aurora's death for a few reasons- maybe because I was only in "online communication" with her off and on for about two years (of good memories of a very good person), and because the way I broke online contact with her four years back was a great example of how not to.




(In passing on the radio I hear of an activist under past FBI surveillance who has recently been found drowned, bound and gagged, ruled a possible suicide. ... ...

Right. Yeah. ... I believe that. Anyhow, hence plural form of subject line.)

Another miscellany

Arrived on Long Island safely, though the bus ride was slow even for Friday afternoon traffic. Eh, so it goes.
The site http://www.radiowavetuner.com is exactly what I was looking for - searchable collation of a dozen-plus webcasting radio stations' schedules, with links to the locations of their (sometimes often-changing) mp3, RealPlayer, Windows Media links and to their online schedules; the sort of thing I was trying to do with some earlier posts to this journal but regularly rather than sporadically.
Final conference preparations and that today, since it's tomorrow

When I get back - or rather, the day after (Wednesday) - going to go with some friends to see


- the Suitcase Project, which will be in Auburn, NY until the 20th; there's a book based on this, and have been documentaries also. About the contents of luggage found in an abandoned building at Willard Psychiatric Center when it was closed in 1999, and the people who owned them, who left them there before being committed...

Winter Soldier 2

Democracy Now (democracynow.org) has excerpts from this past weekend's Winter Soldier 2008 hearings (the second, the first having been in 1971). (Briefly mentioned at the end of Winter Soldier Investigation, less briefly here.)
for two important birthday wishes.

To frobozz, author of fiction both serious and seriously fun, and to
selasphorus considerate angel and fellow believer in the powers and wonders of music- who I am glad to have gotten to talk with when I was somewhat actively with the Gryphon Guild before her travels in several senses took her far from :)


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